Does Line6 have looper effects pedal software?
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I have an old Line6 GuitarPort with Gearbox 3.5 on a Windows laptop. Does anyone know if there is a Line6 plugin or other software available (from Line6 or elsewhere) that I can download to my laptop that will simulate a looper pedal (or a phrase looper as defined by wikipedia ). I'm trying to record the rhythm for a song I like, have it loop and then freestyle the solo on my guitar, all through my computer.
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I think you could do this pretty easily with Audacity, actually. It's freely available online.
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Nothing from Line 6 that I'm aware of.

If you just need to repeat a passage to then solo over, you can do this with any DAW (recording program) by recording the bit to loop, and copy and pasting it over and over again.

True phrase looping is a realtime thing where a switch puts it instantly in either record or playback, letting you build up complex loops live. There is software that can do this (many people like Ableton Live) but it's really overkill if you just need to paste a part a bunch of times to record something.
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You should have a look at Propellerheads Record. If your Line6 device has a usb connection, you can import all of your presets from the GuitarPort into Record. Try out the demo.
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