Quick! Can cats crunch cafe?
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Cuckoo kitty craves coffeebean crunch. Concerns?

my 9-month cat has developed a taste for spilt coffee - beans, that is. She anxiously waits for me to grind and set the next morning's coffee, tail a-switch. It's only a matter of time before she goes for my grinding hand, I know it.

As it is, she settles for whatever few beans I drop, just gobbles 'em down like candy. Caffeine is not a good thing for the kittehs, I hear tell - should I be concerned? I would guess the gets like an average of one and a half per day.

I sincerely hoped that it would lead to wild kitty spazz attacks, but no dice.
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Response by poster: er, -she- gets, oops
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I have known cats who like crunchy things (though I don't know that any of them experienced coffee beans). Maybe try her on unsalted tortilla or potato chips instead? Occasionally, of course.
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switch to decaf?
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Best answer: You can make your own Kopi Luwak.

It looks like a coffee bean contains about 10 mg of caffeine, and the amount of caffeine required to produce mild effects in a 10-pound cat is about 90 mg. So I think you're OK as long as your cat only has a bean or two.

You probably know that chocolate really is a problem for cats because of theobromine.
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I would be concerned about theobromine poisoning.
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My parents had a cat who drank any unattended coffee she could get her face in, sometimes managing to down the entire mugful before she was detected.

She lived to be 17.
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I would be concerned about theobromine poisoning.

Coffee beans contain no theobromine.
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If it's the crunch she's after, drop some dry pasta. I had a dog who loved coffee beans, but LOOOOOOOOOOOOVED dry macaroni. Who knows.
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I found this pet-safety article yesterday, it may be of interest.
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Response by poster: Dropping by to mark resolved, belatedly. She never suffered harm from the beans. She was killed by a car about two weeks ago.
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Oh, mwhybark! That's awful. I'm so very sorry for your loss.
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