Baby bashing statue... explanation?
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Does anyone know anything about this statue of an angry nude man being pummeled by babies?

Who is the artist, and where is the statue located? What is it supposed to mean, if anything?
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It's in Vigeland Park in Oslo, Norway.
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And the obligatory Wiki link.
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Best answer: It's by Gustav Vigeland. It's in Oslo, at this park. Called "Man attacked by Genii".
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Actually, that might be the title of another statue - I can't figure it out.
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All the statues were made by Gustav Vigeland. I've been to the park and all of the statues were depictions of naked people doing various activities, with some being more metaphorical. There's a famous statue of an angry baby.
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The sculpture is #27. The official website lists its name as "Man chased by geniuses" but that could be a translation error. In Norwegian it's "Mann jager fire genier".

Any native Norwegian speakers about?

Jeg forstår ikke norsk. Somewhere my grandfather is weeping.
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On this page it says the (referred; I don't think individual statues have specific names) name of the statue is "Man attacked by babies".

This statue at Vigeland Park in Oslo, Norway, is considered “art”. It is part of a display called “Human Condition”. This particular item is referred to as “Man Attacked By Babies”
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"Mann jager fire genier" means "Man chasing four geniuses" so the translation is correct.
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I didn't think a translation error was that likely. What a odd title. Thanks!
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Someone asked about the same thing in November (seemed more recent than that). But it didn't come up in the related questions box because there weren't any details in the post other than a link.

One of the responses has a link to a brief 1945 Time article on Vigeland (currently at 0 tweets), and a link to a site that answers the age-old question: How many five-year-olds could you take in a fight?
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I saw "angry nude man being pummelled by babies" and immediately thought of Viegeland. I was there this winter and it's a cool park.
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The park is Vigeland's Magnum Opus, I never visit Oslo without going there. There are around a hundred sculptures in stone and iron that depict archetypal moments in a human life. It's incredible.

I've always thought that statue was about casting off childhood and becoming a man.

(And it's a hobby among Norwegian criminals to continually steal the angry baby statue.)
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