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Help me make a gift for a friend. I have a friend that enjoys shopping at the the Hobby Lobby / Michaels kind of stores, and she also likes board games. Help me adapt a board game rule set that would go nicely with shopping at such an establishment. (One problem, she hates Monopoly - so it can't be a Monopoly adaptation.) She really likes Taboo, but I can't think how to work it in with this theme.
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Does she like the experience of shopping at those stores, or does she like what those stores sell?

In other words, are you trying to put together something about the thrill of the hunt, or something about random craft supplies like dishcloth cotton yarn and stick-on googly eyes?
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Response by poster: I'm pretty sure she likes the things those stores sell.
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I have to admit I can't really conceptualize what on earth we're talking about here. But with that said, some possible rules bob to mind:

1. Anything involving purchasing candy at Michael's involves massive point deductions. Lindt candy requires a special consultation to the rule book; blue wrapper == give up on life.
2. Michael's does, however, sell some interesting candy. So, possibly make it less of a deduction when she buys Swedish Fish.
3. Hobby Lobby is a dumb name. Mega point-loss for going there.
4. Brush pens are cool and writing implements in general are useful. She should get points for writing messages to strangers on those little rolls of receipt-paper they provide for testing pens.
5. If she stays in the store long enough that she starts wandering around, looking for gifts for men, she automatically loses. The men who shop there (like me) usually have very refined tastes that don't include scale models or manga pens.
6. If she tries something on that wraps around the neck, she loses points.
7. She gets extra points for finding things in the dollar-section that actually serve a purpose she already had in mind, coming into the store.

This could be applied to any board game that involves points and has maybe one counter. More complex rules may require dice.
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Response by poster: My thinking is that you go into a craft store looking to complete a craft project. I'm thinking the goal of the game is to collect all the pieces need to complete a fictional project.

To win the game each player must collect:

1 Cloth
1 Paint
1 Stamp
1 Scrapbook
1 Plant
1 Candle

Each player starts off with $50 dollars.

And that is where I come up blankā€¦ how do I make these mechanics work? On a board, on a spin wheel? Shoots and Ladders style?
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Best answer: Bingo, and bingo-like games, are classic. You could have rows using most of the categories you've just given (cloth, stamp, candle, etc. - maybe add a "container" and "sticker" category), and maybe fill in the columns with different themes, either ahead of time or on the fly: hearts, flowers, fish, animals, blue, whatever you want.

Now, one wins bingo by filling in a complete row, column, or diagonal -- but that might be too easy. You might make it mandatory to fill in the entire card. You might make it so that the columns are filled in using cues from the environment, the drive over, a sampling of Metafilter topics or best-selling children's books or words you supply on the phone or whatever.

Does this help?
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Oh, and after you find/buy the things needed to make "Bingo" or fill in the card, you use a selection of them, or all of them, to make something. Whatever you can think of that uses all the ingredients, or all but one, or all plus a project base material, maybe a flower pot or blank book or greeting card or something.

This is kind of sounding fun to me, but darn it, I hate hate hate shopping at the big chain craft stores we have around here.
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Settlers of Catan - Craft Store edition.
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If you need a place for players to be stuck for a particular length of time (the equivalent of Monopoly Jail) make it, "Stand in line at the fabric counter waiting to get a fabric cut."

Every time I see the line of sad-faced sewers waiting with bolts of cloth, it makes me grateful I'm a knitter. The few times I had to get fabric cut, I swear it took at least half an hour.
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Clue, maybe? Where instead of the mansion, it's Hobby Lobby, and each room is a section of the store, with various craft implements/supplies used for... well, a murder might be too gruesome, but it could be kinda funny too, if she has that kind of sense of humor ;)
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Settlers of Catan - Craft Store edition.

I have wood for pinking shears?
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I came in to suggest adapting Settlers of Catan, but I see beardlace already did so. Consider it seconded!

Instead of building a civilisation on the island, perhaps you are building a craft project. Replace wood, sheep etc with the craft project supplies like paper, paint. The finished project could be a sort of abstract piece of art made up from pre-cut cards representing those supplies, that all fit together, like a mosaic.
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