Help identify author: The Happy Holidays (old YA series)
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Identifyfilter: Probably quite cheesy children's/young adult book series -- "The Happy Holidays". Google-Fu failing spectacularly.

OK, trying to identify the author of a children's or young-adult's book series I read in the late 1970s (the series was probably, I'm guessing, from the late 1950s or 1960s).

I could swear the series was called "The Happy Holidays." It involved a family, the Holidays -- bet you never saw THAT coming -- who I think traveled around, solved mysteries, turned in the evildoers and, I presume, all had a good chuckle at the end a la Scooby-Do.

I thought the books all started with "The Happy Holidays"; e.g., "The Happy Holidays Learn a Valuable Lesson": "The Happy Holidays Eat Their Vegetables," or whatever. But der Google -- It does nothing. NOTHING!!! *

Please help.

* Oh, except the second paragraph on this page does seem to make an oblique reference to the series.
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Best answer: The Happy Hollisters.
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Response by poster: BAM!

Thanks Padraigin.
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Oh man, I LOVED the Happy Hollisters. Red-spined covers, and I remember they went to Hawaii or something once.
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Yeah, I loved them as a kid. I know they went to Puerto Rico once.

They were actually really cute books, I should see if my mom still has them, I think my girls would get a kick out of them. I'm sure I read fifteen or twenty of them, but you really only need to read a few to get the general idea.
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