No blue channel with component video
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I need help with my HTPC and its component cable connection. I'm missing the blue channel.

This has had me stumped for a long time. I had a 2600xt in my HTPC that plugs into my TV. Its an older set, so i'm forced to use the s-video to component adapter to get a picture on the screen. It all works but...

I have no blue color. When i have the default windows 7 background up, (which is blue) the picture looks like a greyish blue. As in the blue is completely absent from the picture. When i unplug the cable from the blue plug on the adapter, the picture stays the same.

Things i have ruled out:

The adapter cable is fine, i tried a diffrent one, same issue.

The cable from the adapter to the tv is fine. I switched the plugs around from the diffrent color channels and they all work fine

The TV is fine. The blue is there when i switch it over to the satellite or DVD

I may have found the issue, but i'm not sure if its correct. The S-video out on the 2600xt is only a 7 pin s-video. The adapter i have has 9 prongs. Where the 2 extra prongs would go is a cut out for a plastic insert from the male cable. I'm guessing those 2 pins control the blue channel.

So im looking at a few options, Find a video card that has a 9 pin s-video out so i can use the adapters i have. Or, i can try one of those iffy DVI to component adapters. All of them have horrible reviews and never seem to work for anyone.

If you can find a graphics card that has a 9 pin s-video out, please send me a link. Otherwise, is there any adapter i could use that would work?

Thanks :D
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Response by poster: so apparently, what im looking for is a graphics card with a Vivo connection. Very limited choices, and i would be downgrading from the 2600xt if i switched...
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Is it an HDTV? Does it have any other connectors? (VGA, S-Video?)
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Hard to find. What kind of card connection to the MoBo? If it uses AGP, I found this on ebay. It claims "ViVo" (as does this site), but the description says 7-pin S-Video.

Maybe you need a card with composite out instead.

You probably know that your setup isn't exactly optimal for upgrading your HTPC. What motherboard are you using?
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Are you absolutely, positively confident that your TV has component inputs? Does the back of your TV have red, blue and green jacks specifically labeled component-in? It sounds like you might be trying to connect the component outs from your video card to composite jacks on the back of your TV.

If those turn out to be the yellow/white/red composite video and audio jacks, you would need an adapter like this to split the 7-pin video out to standard 4-pin S-Video and standard composite video.
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Oh, wait. I think I know what's going on. Only S-Video (4 pins) is standard. "Merged S-Video ports" (those that provide more pins that an adapter will convert into component) are not standard. The 4 standard pins are required to work the same, and the connector is required to be physically compatible with S-video, but each manufacturer adds the extra pins for the components as they please, and come up with their own adapters. You might have an adapter for "Bob's 9-pin merged s-video", while your output is "Joe's 7-pin merged s-video".

Did this adapter come with your card, or was it sold by the same manufacturer? And I do mean card manufacturer, like "VisionTek" and not chip manufacturer, like "ATI" (unless of course your card is also manufactured by ATI). If not, try to find an adapter from your manufacturer, or at least one with 7 pins.

If you absolutely can't find a compatible adapter, and you're technically inclined, this is probably just a pin-out issue, not a signal issue, so you might be able to just open up the adapter and rewire the pins. Notice the weasel words here to absolve me in case doing that fries your PC or TV.
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Response by poster: @qvantamon- you sparked something in my head, i found the answer!!!!!

apparently, there is a 7pin svideo cable to 3 rca jacks. It works the same as component, but it transfers the color as RGB instead of the one. I checked really quick and i found out my TV supports RGB. i just bought a cable that should work.

fingers crossed! :D
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