Why does my VLC player only play one DVD?
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My iBook is locked into playing Region 1 DVDs, but will consent to play Arnaud Desplechin's "Un Conte de Noël" (Region 2) with VLC -- but no other Region 2 DVDs! Qu'est-ce qui se passe?

I know nothing about computers. But I have a computing problem! (I have googled and searched the AskMeFi archives, but I didn't find anything pertaining to this specific it-only-plays-one-DVD problem.)

I can play Region 1 DVDs with AppleDVD, and yes, the Desplechin film with VLC, but VLC will not play any other Region 2 DVDs. I purchased the Desplechin at a FNAC in Paris, and the unplayable DVDs (I've tried at least 4 or 5) have all been checked out from various médiathèques. (This is probably nothing more than coincidence, but I'm trying to give you all the information I've got ... ) Can someone help explain why this is happening, and better yet, suggest a way to fix it? I'm in France for the long haul, and I'd really like to watch something other than ... "Un conte de Noël."

Thank you!
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The most likely explanation is that "Un Conte de Noël" isn't Region 2, but instead Region 0, which is reasonably common in Europe. Region 0 discs can be played anywhere.

VLC can only play out-of-region discs if your DVD drive isn't "RPC-2", which means the region lockout is done in hardware, not software. Unfortunately, all Apple drives are RPC-2.
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I think that Fairmount will let you mount and play any region's discs on your Mac, but you'll have to use VLC for playback.
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Fairmount suffers from the same limitations as VLC. Indeed, it actually uses VLC for decoding.

No software solution can bypass an RPC-2 region lock, because the drive will simply not send the data to the computer. The only "real" solution is to firmware flash the drive so that it becomes RPC-1, but this is risky and hacked firmwares are often not available for recent drives.
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If you use Handbrake to back your DVD up onto your hard drive, you'll be able to watch the features from DVDs of any region.
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Wait, VLC respects Region Codes?
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Again, Handbrake won't help you, unless you use it on a machine which is either the correct region, or RPC-1.

VLC doesn't respect region codes, but it does have to obey the laws of physics. It can't read data which the DVD drive won't send it.
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