Which mouse shall I place in my house...and laptop bag?
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My Logitech lx7 mouse has served me well, but is approaching the end of its useful life and I want to upgrade (I remain on Windows XP). What's good now? I want wireless, mobile (i.e., not a big trackball. I do not want a small notebook mouse.), comfortable (although I don't need to be walking into a clients office with a mouse that looks like a dildo) . I'm on the computer all day doing fine-motor work, so the cost is reasonably unimportant. A friend of mine has a new Logitech mouse with a really nice, spinny scrollwheel that I like, but am not set on. I'm male, but have smallish hands. Extra buttons are important to me; Four or more over the standard left and right will do. I know the best way to do this is to try a bunch in-person, but please get me started in the right direction?
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I have this keyboard/mouse combo from Logitech and it's pretty great.
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If you get a chance, hit the Apple store and try the Magic Mouse. It lacks buttons, but some of the gestures are lifesavers, especially if you are already in the habit from using an iPhone / ipod Touch. Otherwise, it fits your criteria - wireless (Bluetooth), low profile w/o being small, wireless, and comfortable.
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I've always had great luck with Microsoft's mice. They're usually far more ambidextrous than Logitech's models (which can be useful even if you're not a lefty). I've been using (something that looks vaguely like) this for the past 4 or so years.

I've also heard good things about Razer's mice in terms of precision and number of buttons.

Even though you say "no trackballs," the TrackMan Wheel is a modern classic, and has a cult-like following. I used one for about 10 years (it still works!), and am considering buying the wireless version to use as my main pointing device.
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Just bought my second Trackman Wheel. I would 2nd schmod's suggestion simply because it's wonderful for use with laptops: If you don't have much space, you don't have to move your hand around at all.

That property also makes it wonderful for reclining in an office chair. I went as far as installing on-screen keyboard software so I can periodically recline, rest my back, and still do simple tasks on the computer while I sit the Trackman on my lap.

The original reason I bought it was to alleviate wrist pain from using a mouse, and it answered that call perfectly.

The main con is that it took me about 3-4 weeks to get accurate with it.

The other con, considering your request, is that it doesn't have extra buttons - just the standard 3. One thing you could try is using mouse-gesture software.
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I have a similar set of criteria: smaller hands, picky about my mice, classic design. I'm less fussed about buttons, but that seems to come free with every mouse now anyway. The one I've settled on, for now, is the Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX.

The Darkfield thingy seems to be just a better laser tracking system, but it does make a noticeable difference to me. Surfaces which were mousably-unusable before (glass, melamine tables) now work fine. Microsoft has a similar technology, but I've always liked the feel of the Logitech wheels better.

The Anywhere is a bit on the smaller side, but I prefer it that way, and the mouse is more portable too. It's also more affordable than the Performance MX bigger brother. It has one of those amazingly teeny USB dongles that Logitech is so good at making. MS's are small too, but still catch on things. The Logitech ones barely stick out of the computer port.

If you want more buttons, you may want to look at the Performance MX instead. The Anywhere has three (I think) in addition to the usual ones.
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I'm really happy with my Logitech Anywhere mouse. The scroll wheel works splendidly to scroll up, down, right and left. The two side buttons can can be programed to any combination of keys for shortcuts. The top button toggles to desktop with a display of individual windows of each item that is currently open. It's smallish but that suits me fine.
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I've got one of these and really like it. I bought it to replace a Targus bluetooth mouse because I got tired of the constant pairing woes I had with that one.

This one's got a teeny-tiny little USB receiver that plugs into the laptop [and stays there all the time; no need to remove it] and it just always works. Uses one AA battery and the USB receiver stores inside it if you ever have need to do so.

Five buttons and a scroll wheel, and the two side ones are small enough that you have to decide to press them, unlike some mice I've used with ginormous side buttons.

One neat feature I'd not seen anywhere else; you can set the "orientation" of the mouse. If you like to hold the mouse on the table at some particular angle, you can calibrate it to suit.
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Sorry; I should have stated that it's an HP Wireless Comfort Mouse instead of making you go elsewhere to find out.
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Response by poster: Ok, it looked quite wee in pictures, but I'm feeling like I should find a place to try out the Anywhere Mouse.
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Response by poster: Picked up an Anywhere Mouse today and I am digging it quite thoroughly. Thanks all.
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