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Where can I find very low power (+.50) reading glasses in the SF Bay Area?

Has anyone found/seen very low power reading glasses available in any store in the SF Bay Area? I'm in the East Bay (Berkeley/Oakland), but willing to travel!

I've tried Walgreens, CVS, Dollar Stores, 99 cent store, etc.. The lowest power available seems to be +1.00. Maybe they don't even exist and I'm wasting my time looking for them?

I know some people will snarf at a meager +.50, but they make all the difference in the world to me. Aside from being on the computer all day at work, I read books for pleasure - about 3-6 hours a day or more and it means the difference between very tired eyes that ache and feeling fine.

I purchased some online (where they are also hard to find) but they were $35 AND broke after a couple months of gentle use.

Also, before someone suggests that I get custom made ones at the optician -- the price there is prohibitive to my budget at the moment.
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Try an optometrist? They often have off-the-rack reading glasses, and if they don't have a +.5, I imagine it doesn't exist.
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Response by poster: Alas, apparently it doesn't -- except online -- because I have already called about 15 optcial places in the area.

I figured it was a pipe dream.
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Best answer: You could have some made at for very little cash. I have bought glasses there several times. You might be able to have them in your hands for less than $15 or so.

I checked and it won't let you get an "add" (bifocal) of 0.5 on a plano (0 prescription) lens, but you can get single focus +0.5. Just pick single focus, put +0.5 for SPH on both eyes, leave CYL at none, ADD at none, and just lie when it makes you say that you have a prescription.

You'll have to measure your pupil distance - this is easiest with a friend and a mm ruler. For such a weak prescription it does not have to be particularly precise.

Good luck!
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...yes, or at Zenni Optical or 39dollarglasses or any of the other discount online glasses stores
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Response by poster: Oh, Fritley, I could just KISS YOU! I'm going to splurge and order 2, even.

Thanks ever so much.
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