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Has anyone had a good experience with a pre-marriage counselor in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) metro area? Not looking for anything too religiously structured, but won't rule it out if you've had good experiences of that sort. Looking for the pre-marriage "inventory" or compatibility type classes /retreats. (We are not getting married at a church.) We are very compatible and know each other well, but I don't think it can hurt!
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SmartMarriages (horrible website, wonderful organization) has the following programs listed for Minnesota

I'd recommend a course in PREP. It is research-based, effective, and is secular (tho Christian versions are available.) I'd focus on communciation over compatibility at this point, especially how to handle conflict. Poor conflict/communication skills are the number 1 predictor of divorce. Here's a page of Minnesota PREP providers.

Or as an off the wall idea (and not a substitute for a skills course like PREP) why not take a learning vacation (or honeymoon?) to the Smartmarriages conference in Orlando this July? Besides being in the (admittedly corporate, packaged and expensive) fun capitol of the world, you'll be exposed to the big hitters in the field of marriage education and divorce prevention, where the latest marriage trands and research will be discussed, and you'll be surrounded by an overwhelming chorus of support for your marriage.

I am a believer in the idea that, if I am going to be married, then I am going to bring every professional skill I have to bear on making sure that my marriage is the best I can be. That means continuing education, keeping up with research, etc. SmartMarriages is my version of a "Professional Married People Association." I exhort you to look into joining!

Best for you and your marriage!
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I don't have any local recommendations, but I'm here to reinforce your decision to have pre-marriage counseling. It was one of the best things my wife and I did for our relationship.
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Used and would recommend Karen Stevensen.
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