Get my bleep on. And by get, I mean solder.
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Is there a San Francisco or Bay Area equivalent to Austin's (or NYC's) Handmade Music scene, focused on building electronic musical instruments?

Before they come up, I'm familiar with Make, the Maker Faire and Dorkbot, but I'm wondering if there's something out there a bit more specialized, and Google isn't helping.
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I don't know of anything specific to music instruments in the Bay Area, but I will be watching your other answers to see =]

I can mention that if you bring a circuit design and parts from get lofi to Noisebridge, you'll probably be in a helpfully like-minded environment to make some cool stuff.
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There seems to be something of a community around Robotspeak in the lower Haight--they sell a lot of gear and also do classes.

You may also have luck with some of the groups referred to in this announcement for a circuit-bending class.
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Absolutely. Check out Matt Moldover. He gives private lessons and is also plugged in to local events such as the Warper Party and LoveTech. Also: The Blind Gate.
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Every year there's an Analog Haven gathering sometime in late summer/early fall with a lot of synth-DIY folks turning out. Recent gatherings have been at Haker Dojo and TechShop, which are definitely DIY-friendly places. Now, the AHCali events are not hand-make-an-instrument parties or anything, but the folks that attend them are definitely into it.

I wouldn't say there's a scene that has a name or anything, at least none that I'm aware of or part of, but the Bay Area is chock full of folks that design and build their own instruments, electronic or otherwise. I've never really been a part of any scene, though, so maybe I'm unaware of something more like what you're talking about. It wouldn't surprise me.

Maybe it's just the people I hang out with... but who around here doesn't tinker with tech? I just assumed that was the default setting for Bay Area folks. No scene necessary.
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Oops, forgot the Analog Haven gathering link.
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