What is this game from my childhood?
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My sister and I have been trying to remember a computer game from our childhood. It was on a Macintosh, and involved a stick-figure man who tried to go up levels using ladders, but could also fall down through space from whatever level was on.

The levels he stood on were thin lines that could develop holes in them as you played the game - you could jump over a single hole but too many means you could be stuck. If you fell and there wasn't a level underneath to catch you, you could keep falling through screens to the bottom even.

My sister remembers the lines that made up the level and the stick man as being green.

I remember the game having something to do with math (potentially fractions) but my sister doesn't remember that part.

We don't remember any enemies necessarily in the game - the goal was just to figure out how to keep going up.

It isn't Lode Runner.

Any ideas?
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Spacestation Pheta?
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"Spacestation Pheta," says Mr. Stargazer, who was an awesome mac-using kid, as opposed to myself, who mostly stuck to Commander Keen.
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Response by poster: Unfortunately, it wasn't Spacestation Pheta.
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As a follow-up, Mr. Stargazer is heartbroken that he cannot play Spacestation Pheta on his new MacBook Pro. But he's enjoying the trip down memory lane nonetheless, warble. Thanks.
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The game you're describing is so precisely like Lode Runner that it's astounding that it's not that one. In fact, I'm amazed that they seem to have perfectly copied Lode Runner for the MacIntosh under a completely different name.
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Jumpman was for the Commodore 64. Or, at leastthats the version I played. It predated Lode Runner, I believe.
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Looking at Lode Runner clones now – is it maybe Gold Digger?
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Response by poster: Although my sister doesn't remember this part, I could swear the game was educational and involved adding up fractions or solving math equations to make the ladders appear so you could move up them. Does that ring a bell with anybody?
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Treasure Mountain? Lemmings?
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Android and Box Runners are two I remember from that era that involved ladders.
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Treasure Mountain involved ladders and an educational climb up a mountain. But I don't remember it being stick men; in fact, I'm sure it wasn't.

Are you possibly combining features from two different games?
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I think there might have been a Math Blasters minigame that was similar to a Lode Runner-type game, but with math somehow forced into the game mechanics. But I don't remember stick figures being involved. (I do remember a stick-figure ladders game but no math in it; I tend to wonder also if you are combining two games.)
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Response by poster: We both remember the same game, so we're sure that everything else is right - it could be that I'm misremembering the math part, though.
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That sounds vaguely like Googol math games? Play online here (try Googol Climber).
Also reminded me of Jumpman. But neither is an exact fit.
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Systems Twilight?
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Was it one from the Muncher series? Fraction Muncher or Math Muncher, maybe?
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Without the math bit, this sounds a bit like the original Prince of Persia.
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You may want to sift through Macintosh Garden.
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