What's the real Google Nexus One T-mobile monthly bill look like?
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Total real monthly bill for a Google Nexus One with T-mobile?

I'm considering the Google Nexus One. The T-mobile deal says $80/mo - but what's the real monthly bill look like after all the weird taxes and fees are added? Do these vary by provider?

Case in point: my current Verizon plan is $89, but after all the weird state/local/federal charges are added the total monthly bill is just north of a hundred bucks.

I'm in Portland OR, if this helps.
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I am on T-Mobile with a G1, but I have a family plan, so not sure how much this will help. My bill is $180 with taxes and fees for a G1, a Blackberry, 2 data plans, and unlimited texting. It looks like about $12 of that is taxes and fees plus another 6 bucks for insurance.
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My monthly bill is $82.97. $79.99 for services, $1.21 "Regulatory Programs Fee," and $1.77 in taxes, of which 75 cents appear to be local taxes. I am in Nevada.
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My bill ends up at $67 total for unlimited web/text and 500 minutes for one person. I've got a G1 but imagine it would be the same for a Nexus One.
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Can't comment on that particular deal, but yes the added fees do vary by provider and T-Mobile, of late, has not been loading as many of them onto the bill as some other providers still do. My plan is $59.99, and the fees and taxes only bring it up to just around $65 a month -- $1.21 Regulatory Programs Fee, $1.25 Universal Service Fund, and about $2 in state taxes. (That's for Even More Plus 500 minutes + unlimited text & data on a G1.)

In case you're wondering why that seems to be $20/mo cheaper than the Google deal for exactly the same thing, T-Mobile is somewhat unique among US carriers in that if you don't want a discounted/free phone, you can get lower monthly rates and no contract (without going prepaid). In the long run you can save about $130 by buying the N1 outright and getting an Even More Plus plan, but that also means you'd have to drop $529 right away.
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I can say that in my experience T-mobile has been very good about keeping my bills pretty consistent with the monthly rate. I've never had hidden fees or anything, other than the times I've gone over my text limit. My bills are usually just a few bucks more than the monthly service plan.

I will also say that in the 3 years I've been a customer, I've not had one bad experience with them as a company. Anytime I've had to call their customer service people, they've always answered quickly and been really helpful. There are a couple dead zones in my city but it's worth it to me for the uncomplicated bill and friendly employees.
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The bill I just paid was $85.60. I can't give you the breakdown, because I already dropped it into the recycling bin.
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Similar but different: my T-mobile Motorola Cliq (Android) deal was $80/mo through letstalk.com for unlimited everything; once taxes and all are added in, it's $91.50 consistently.
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On thing that I'll say for T-Mobile is that my Family Plan price has been the same for ~3 years, and it was the same before that for at least 2. The only time it's ever changed, by even a cent, was when I changed the plan itself. They are the model of consistency in price.
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