Che Guevara: Hero or Villain?
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Hey, I'm interested in finding sites that discuss the positive and negative aspects of Che Guevara as a historical figure. They don't necessarily have to be ambivalent; editorials are definitely ok and might even be better since I'm interested more in the debate itself rather than specific historical facts. Examples might look like this or this
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This article from the Houston Press might have something.

A Darker Look at Che's Revolution
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There is the biography by John Lee Anderson, which is supposedly to be diligently researched and even-handed.
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The Spartacus site's Che Guevara page is probably your best spot for a lefty take; they link to others at the bottom, including's Che Guevara Archive.

Among historians I don't think there's really any controversy: Guevara was a brutal, murdering monster.

What a completely ridiculous way to not answer the poster's question.
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Among historians I don't think there's really any controversy: Guevara was a brutal, murdering monster.
I absolutely agree. Unfortunately, I have to write a paper over the subject of whether Che Guevara was a "villain or a hero", and before I write the paper I have to find ten arguments for both sides and then highlight five of the best ones before going on to write my actual essay. Really stupid assignment. Thanks guys.
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There's no left consensus on Guevara: anarchists and the libertarian left have no great love for him; conversely, any 'historian' who reduces his life to that of a 'brutal, murdering monster' would probably have less of interest to say on the subject than the most hardline Stalinist hagiography.
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That was the best article I've seen on him in a while. Thanks a bunch, Abiezer.
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