I don't have insurance. What can I get now?
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I don't have insurance. I do take medication. Can I get free or cheap health care through the gov't? Where do I sign up? Can I get free or cheap medication through the gov't? Where do I sign up?
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Are you in the United States? If so, which state?
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This is impossible to answer given that we don't know where you live
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This is only through personal experience of not having medical insurance for about eight years and having chronic medical and mental issues...

If you're in the US and you qualify, you can usually get assistance from the medication manufacturers. You have to apply through their websites (at least that's how I did it).

Or you can go through your city or county's health department.

The only other way that I know of to get free or reduced prices for medication is through medicaid - if you qualify (which I don't).

But I'm not sure how the new laws are going to change any of those.
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If you're asking about the law that was just passed, you need to know that most of the benefit provisions don't go into effect until 2014.
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"The gov't" is meaningless -- which gov't?
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You need to provide much more information here. Are you in the US? If so, what state are you in? Are you employed? How many hours per week? Are you a student? How much money are you making?

You must provide proof of residence, employment, salary, nationality, etc. to qualify for Medicaid in New York State, for example. You have to be making less than a certain amount of money. I would do a Google search for medicaid + your state, if you live in the USA.
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You may also be able to get meds at a reduced price from the manufacturer. Check out their website.
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Walmart has really good deals on commonly used generics.
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Link for info on the Walmart program.
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It looks like you're in the US, based on the US tag.

Can you afford insurance? If not, you might qualify for Medicaid, or other healthcare assistance depending on your state.

Here's a site that will tell you what healthcare assistance you're eligible for. (It's mentioned in the above Medicaid link.)

benefits.gov also has a questionnaire that will supposedly tell you what others kinds of assistance you're eligible for. Make sure you check off the "mental health" box when it comes up.

Lastly, (on preview: like others have mentioned) walmart apparently has a $4 prescription plan (read more here). (I discovered it in some comments in this recent AskMe).
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If you're in the US, go to Needy Meds and look up your medications. They have a thorough list of patient assistance programs (PAP) available for medications.
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