new approach to historical analysis?
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what are the modern or post-modern approaches to historical analysis?

I've looked at the essay the Hedgehog and the Fox; I've done the general reading of various approaches to viewing history; Bizzini has a great quote - "the gradual negation of history and the fictitious construction of an eternal present. In this context, as Scott Wilson (1995) suggests, history is defining itself through its absence from the cultural construction of reality. The dislocation of the presence of history from our lives—and here Wilson is following Foucault (1990)—leads us, as social subjects, not to be able to recognise the origins of the technologies of the self that have shaped us as individuals within a group."

what I'm looking for is a new lens through which to view and comprehend large historical events. the immediate thought will be that by grossly oversimplifying complex periods in history all meaning is lost, but stepping back and viewing the macro there are things to be learned.

is there an encapsulation or review of new thoughts in historical analysis?
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Not sure if this is what you mean but I took a literary criticism course last semester and took a few things away. Mostly that historical events should be/can be viewed through the lens of the author. The individual reporting on these hisotrical events is writing from a specific perspective. I guess the basic idea is that there is no such thing as objectivity.
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perspective is definitely key. the Rashomon effect. thanks.
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Sorry forgot to link - New Historicism
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Walter Benjamin, especially for his essay On the Concept of History as well as the Arcades Project. Here's a good summary about his contributions for historians.
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I'm not sure that Slavoj Žižek kind of covers this turf sometimes.
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thanks for the answers.
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