It's not the Bat Cave, but it'll do.
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Recommendations for a small event in Toronto?

Putting together a party for my parents' 30th anniversary in May, and have no idea where to begin.

Looking for a venue that fits around 40 people for drinks and finger foods, no sit down dinner. To give you an idea of the sensibilities, my dad's first choice of venue was the ROM's Bat Cave... yeah. Any ideas? Something south of Lawrence is probably best, but it's flexible.
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Cafe Taste is a nice place that will let you reserve the whole bar - they don't ask for a fee, but you have to guarantee a certain amount of sales. I had a really nice party there, they specialize in yummy wines and cheeses.
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Two of my friends got married in the Ontario Heritage Centre. They said it was fairly easy to get reservations, and it was a gorgeous space, restored to match the original decor (c. 1909). It's very close to the corner of Yonge and Adelaide. They have a list of recommended caterers on their website.
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The Rectory Cafe on Ward's Island, maybe?
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Maple Cottage in Leslieville? Stand alone building, pretty, historical, inexpensive.
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I've had events at the top floor of The Bedford Academy. They have an extensive platter menu for finger foods, and a dedicated bar staffer for fixing drinks. A fun room with plenty of character, a pool table, sitting areas, and a balcony for the smokers.
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