Adhesive For Automotive Trim
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The solid piece of rubber trim around the wheel well of my car is gradually peeling away. What kind of adhesive should I use to reattach it?
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I don't know the answer to this, but I bet somebody at the CarTalk forums would. (, search programs for car talk).

Good luck!
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Permatex weatherstrip adhesive available at the big car part retailers, Pep Boys, etc.
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What type of car?

is it around the outside of the wheel well (on the fender) or is it the big black liner inside the well? Either way, on my cars it's held in place with trim screws rather than adhesives. Pretty standard stuff, available at most auto parts stores.
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Fast Tack Automotive trim adhesive -- that's what it's for!! :)

Here's a link to shopping results at Grainger Industrial Supply

Really any local auto parts store will likely have it.
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Yep, any chain auto store carries "molding/trim" adhesive. Permatex has worked the best for me, just be careful, the stuff can be messy and nearly impossible to remove from clothing
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I use This to That for all my gluing questions.
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