What to do in Nassau?
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What to do in Nassau, Bahamas when you have three nights?

I will be in Nassau this weekend to visit a buddy who just moved there. He is new to the place and I have never been. I was wondering what places we should not miss or what things people recommend doing? We are guys in our early 30s and are really up for any ideas. We have transportation so that is not an issue.

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Do you enjoy gambling?
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If you like fine dining, check out Graycliff. I wasn't disappointed.

Also, for all of its bloated glory, Atlantis is a fun time. The waterpark/pool area is pretty epic and there is a huge casino... Don't eat there though, its a huge rip-off.
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Definitely go to paradise island. It's just over the bridge to Atlantis resort which is very fun. Tons of nightclubs and a casino. I've seen many celebs there. Stay away from the markets all they do is peddle imported junk. There is a Bacardi factory which you can tour. Free samples!!. There are some great secluded areas around Lyford Cay for jumping into crystal clear water from very high cliffs.
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I went several years ago and enjoyed the tour of the fort/fortress on the island. If you favor cigars, definitely look into some fine Cuban examples...heck, even the Cohiba Cuban cigarettes are better than what you can get in the states. The Straw Market is all (mostly) Chinese-made touristy stuff, but worth an hour's time.

There are several websites that tout the Bahamas and have forums where you get a recent local report on conditions and places of interest.

Have fun!
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I just got back from three nights on Grand Bahama Island. The most fun, the most amazing, the most interesting thing we did was go snorkeling on the reef by Port Lucaya. I thought it was going to be lame and stupid but it was amazing and beautiful and there were so-many-beautiful-fish. It was like being in Finding Nemo or something.

If it sounds even *remotely* like the sort of thing you might enjoy, go snorkeling. Swimming ability isn't particularly necessary as you get a pfd and instructions and stuff. In Nassau, Stuart's Cove gets decent reviews online for snorkeling. (Make sure you go to a real reef and not some faked-up thing with ersatz buried treasure.) Snorkeling was *well* worth the money in my book.

Also, since you have transport, check out the further-flung, undeveloped beaches. There won't be any drinks or anyone offering to braid your hair or trying to sell you a t-shirt, but the beach part of the experience will be peaceful and empty. (A packed lunch might be nice.) I'm not sure what beaches there are on New Providence Island, but ask around. Keywords are "deserted" and "undeveloped" for this. We went to Golden Beach on GBI, saw like three other people during the two hours we were there, watched the tide go out and the water make patterns in the sand -- last thing we did before having to catch the boat home. It was outstanding and beautiful and I adored it.

Also, take at least one sweatshirt or coverup and some long pants. It was surprisingly chilly at night and in the early mornings, though mid-day was quite nice. Sunscreen and a hat, yo. I thought that was basic cluefulness, but way too many of the tourists I saw were sunburned to hell and back. Even if it's cool out, the sun is pretty serious.

Enjoy your stay and don't sweat the prices for food all that much -- they have to ship nearly everything in except for the conch and they're overfishing the hell out of that. I wish I'd seen where the fishermen bring their catch (one of our taxi dudes was discussing the market in conch shells, which run about five bucks per when sold to the tourists) but we didn't have time for that.
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I stayed there for a few nights as a backpacker and didn't really enjoy it. It's oriented towards cruise tourists and the rich, so if you're neither of those you'll probably struggle. I jogged over the bridge to Paradise Island and spent my time on the (free, non-Altantis) beach there. Sadly, I have no other real suggestions for you. Oh, and don't bother trying a conch burger - it's tougher than leather!
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