Fun for three?
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What are nice positions/activities for FFM threesomes? Or good non-pornographic resources for same. Very new to this...

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Activities: A nice walk in the park holding hands.

Positions: How do the two Fs feel about each other or the M? Are feelings involved or are we talking about friction? As a general rule I think it's best to concentrate on one person - though not necessarily one thing - at a time. This will probably happen organically anyway. I wouldn't do it on a weeknight and I'd recommend some kind of chemical mood enhancement. Coffee, for instance.

One day you'll look back at it and feel terribly old and married. I imagine.
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Generally the best approach is to take any given two-person position (FF or FM) and add the third person touching and kissing where appropriate, accessible, and comfortable.
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The possibilities are endless - and most positions are simply variations on a two-person position, as noted above. Some common examples (assuming females are both bisexual):

-M penetrates F1 in a doggy style position while F1 performs oral sex on F2 (or vice versa).

-M penetrates F1 in missionary position while F2 performs oral sex concurrently. This can be a very happy time for F1 (or vice versa).

-F1 performs oral sex on F2 while F2 is on all fours (this can be done from behind or underneath). F2 performs oral sex on M. This can be done with a strap on variation as well.

-MFF arrange themselves in a circle, laying down, and perform oral sex on one another simultaneously.

-M&F1 perform oral sex on F2 (or vice versa), or F1&F2 both perform oral sex on M.

There's a start. Sky's the limit.
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Assuming you're all very new to this, how you treat each other and get along is going to mean a lot more than specific positions. Agreed that "ganging up" is a good way to go for now; nobody feels neglected, two people get to explore together, it's really the best way to go about it.

and you imagine right, tigrefacile
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The possibilities are indeed endless, just as they are for two-person sex, and for the same reason -- namely, that the ideal is to let things evolve organically. Three people's not that special in global terms; no matter the number of people involved, good sex is always based on listening and communication, flexibility, making sure everybody's safety/barrier standards are being met, and making sure everybody's happy with what's happening.

So, some basic ('organizational') questions:
- how interested the females are in each other;
- where (between which pairs of people, for what acts) you need to use latex barriers;
- emotional questions, as tigrefacile mentions, because those can certainly affect group dynamics and how the sex will evolve;
- what each of your expectations and hopes are for the future (immediate "afterwards" as well as future possibilities).

And I wish the three of you many happy returns, on whatever scale you want that (having lived with my two loves for a while now [and having, of course, discovered only a fraction of the infinite answers to this question], I sure hope one day the three of us will look back together and feel terribly old and married).

p.s. How fun is it that Lore is even a regular on AskMe, much less answering this sort of question? We love you, Lore. :) Your punchlines (esp. from the comics) have been running jokes for many a giggling pile of bodies, here on the east coast...
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