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How do I create a forced splash-page or homepage for people using my WiFi hotspot?

I work at a small tech-focused school. We have WiFi school-wide and are trying to make its usage for research easier and more school oriented. What we want it that when a student (or anyone for that matter) is using our WiFi and opens a browser to surf the web, he/she would be greeted by our custom homepage with research links, school information and library search, similar to the way when one logs on to a coffee house hotspot he/she would be greeted with the coffee house's homepage...

Any suggestions?
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If you have a spare PC lying around (an old crappy one will do) and a little bit of technical know-how, pfSense would probably work well for you.
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The term you're looking for is "Captive portal".

It depends on your infrastructure but you can use custom firmware (like DD-WRT) for routers with software like NoCatSplash to do it. Bigger setups can use (on preview) pfSense.
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What you want is called a Captive Portal. I can't recommend one, but there's your google term. Good luck!
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Seconding dd-wrt - several captive portal options are available.
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Try Aruba Networks perhaps?
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