Work Hour Limits
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What fields have strict limitations on hours worked per day or per week? Trucking and aviation limit strictly. Nuclear power workers have regulations that aren't often enforced. Medicine limits residents but not attendings. Any other industries place strictly enforced limitations?
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Railroad (Amtrak and Freight trains) crews have federally enforced time limits similar to aviation limits.
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Non-salaried workers for the federal and provincial government (in Canada, at least).
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Some pipeline and oil rig work (but not all) can have work hour restrictions, and I believe that underwater arc welding does as well-- though that can mean only 4 hours underwater at a time with a mandatory break for x minutes in between.
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Non-salaried workers for the federal government in the US as well. Temporary census workers can work a maximum of 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week. We had to sign a bunch of stuff saying that we agreed to this and that we would be fired if we worked more unless overtime was granted.
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Firefighters have limitations on the hours of "on" time permitted.
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Sorry, I should add that the 4 hours for the underwater welding is just an example-- I don't know the exact time restrictions.
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Child actors have pretty strict regulations about how long they can work and how much of their day has to be spent either in school or with a tutor on-set.
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