Do that dance until it don't move
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Help me find some Hip Hop songs about dances.

I was aghast the other day when two british friends of mine confessed that they had never heard The Humpty Dance. I began thinking about other hip hop songs about dances, and this is what I have so far:

The Steve Martin
The Mudd Foot
Da Dip
Tootsie Roll
Da Butt (kind of hip hop - more Go-Go)

Does Lean Back count as a song about a dance? It's more a song about a stance.

And, while there's technically not a SONG to go with it, when you hear "The 900 Number" by the 45 king, you always thing of THE ED LOVER DANCE

Can anyone thing of any others?

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I almost forgot The Percolator
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Arab Money
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Teach me How to Jerk, iRock Skinnies and You're a Jerk are all about "jerking," the hot new dance crazy (according to my middle school teacher friend).
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Gettin Jiggy with it.

I'm going to go cry now.
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And of course the Crank Dat series. There are a million of these, all variations off the original. My favorite is Crank Dat Spiderman.

still crying
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Lean Like a Cholo
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This is my favorite style of music. Some of my recent favorites:

The Stanky Legg
Crank That
Ricky Bobby
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Also, Lean Back
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MC Frontalot's Wallflowers (vid by MeFi's jscott)
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The Chicken Noodle Soup!

The Aunt Jackie

The G-Slide
Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It
Pop, Lock and Drop It

Not exactly a dance, but "Walk it out."

Laffy Taffy - I think that there was an associated dance?
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Cha-Cha Slide
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The Salmon Dance, courtesy of Fat Lip and the Chemical Brothers. Not straight-up hip-hop, but it could work.
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I asked about this on ILX a while back—I'll see if I can find it. Until then: De La Soul's Patty Duke.
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Can't find a good, original video on You Tube at the moment, but Quad City DJ's had "C'mon Ride It" (the Train Song). Not sure if that counts as hip hop or not.
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It's time for the percolator. (though this is more of the Ed Lover dance variety answer)
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I'm going back to my childhood here, but the Fat Boys did a cover/remix of "the twist" with Chubby Checker ages ago. There was also the "Do the Kid n Play Kick Step". Both of these are pretty terrible songs. I think you had to be there.

Does House of Pain's "Jump Around" count?
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Aunt Jackie
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The Cupid Shuffle
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Wiggle It
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Not hip hop but you gotta walk the dinosaur.
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Ice Cream and Cake
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Teach Me How To Dougie seems to fit, but I'm not entirely sure what the dance IS other than your arms out & leaning.
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