What are some net-capable multiplayer games that a friend and I can play on our low-end laptops?
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What are some net-capable multiplayer games that a friend and I can play on our low-end laptops?

General specs are 2 gigs of ram, core duo 1.7 (not core 2 duo!), integrated graphics and the like. So we're not talking hi-end here. Unfortunately, this rules out all the big name multiplayer games of the moment. However, there is still fun to be had. Lately we've been rocking a lot of Gang Garrison and zsnes netplay. I was just looking for other games in that sort of realm. Any suggestions?

What we've found so far:
- Gang Garrison
- Soldat
- Hedgewars
- Zsnes netplay (Secret of Mana, Smash TV)
- Mame netplay (Metal Slug, Magical Drop)
- FreeCiv
- omgpop
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Diablo 2?
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Response by poster: Starcraft - Noted
Diablo 2 - Somehow I've managed to overlook this game entirely. Never even played it actually.
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lol they mention other Blizzard games, why not the most famous:

World of Warcraft
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There are lots of good old FPSes that are great either co-op or one-on-one - Quake 1/2/3, Unreal Tournament, Tribes, etc.
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Heroes of Might and Magic III
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Response by poster: World of Warcraft - Sorta doubt that would run so well. Could be wrong. Seems to have low requirements though. Also, I think I would hate World of Warcraft.
Quake - Totally doable. Go retro games!
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Response by poster: Heroes of Might and Magic III - Will check it out.
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Puzzle Pirates! Don't let its complete adorability fool you; you can make it anything you want.
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Battle for Wesnoth, if you like turn-based tactical games.
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My absolute favorite of all time ever is Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2 (and its expansion pack Yuri's Revenge) played online with Hamachi. You should be able to pick them up for super-cheap anywhere and it's totally worth it.
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I would MAME some Xmen or Simpsons Arcade

Also Turtles in Time.
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Unreal Tournament (1999) is a great FPS game that runs on pretty much anything from the last 10-15 years...even has Mac and Linux version.
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Response by poster: Puzzle Pirates - No worries about being fooled by adorability, I actually find the graphics to be completely non-adorable. Seems like it could be interesting though.
Battle for Wesnoth - I remember this. Good suggestion.
Command and Conquer - I think they just recently started giving their old games away. Not sure if Red Alert 2 is one of them though. Sweet, will check out.
BZFlag - Pretty damn retro looking. Actually, that sorta reminds me of GLTron, which is another game I should check out.
Xmen / Simpsons Arcade - Yeah! These were always my favorite arcade games! Totally have to get these!
Turtles in Time - SNES, I think. Or, wait, NES. I'll check it out.
Unreal Tournament - I didn't consider this at first because I suppose I was fooled by its crazy-high-end modern counterparts into thinking I wouldn't be able to run it.
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I recently read an article (written almost 2) about how amazing Diablo 2 is - about how it still sells well to this day, and that popularity recently surged again once Diablo 3 was announced. At the time the article was written, Diablo 2 was already about a decade old. The system requirements are paltry by today's standards, and it can be had for about $20 on Amazon. (Though you may need to buy two copies.)

Mangband (multi-player Angband) is a rogue-like game (simple graphics, deep gameplay) optimized for a multi-player experience. If roguelikes are your thing, it could be worth a shot.
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Response by poster: Yeah, Diablo 2 has gotten a lot of good press so I'm definitely gonna be checking it out. Mangband also seems like it could be fun. Never really had the patience for rougelikes though. I'll give it a shot though, thanks!
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