Need a bed in London for one night and that's it really!
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Anyone know a cheap, clean hotel or B & B in London? Looking for something in the £25 a night range. All of the big chain hotels are so expensive and I only need a bed for the night and a shower in the morning.
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EasyHotel *shudder*
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How about
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For that budget, you're almost certainly in the Hostel price bracket.

Fairly central would be Generator near Russell Sq.

If you can stay further out, then you will be able to find B&Bs / private rooms in Hostels for less.

Alternatively, if your dates match then some Universities offer cheap accommodation in Halls of Residences during University holidays. For example, £33 / night between 20/03 and 24/04 at LSE.

What area of London do you need to be near?
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I've stayed at the Generator mentioned above, and it was just fine. No complaints, great staff, great location.
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Check out the best rated London hostels on Hostelworld. Their reviews are reliable and you'll probably get a single room for £25 or less.
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When I had the same problem, I called the Tourist Information and they hooked me up with a "B&B" that was really just a family letting out their older daughter's room while she was at uni (room complete with her stuff all over it!)

It was cheap and adequate and the family was friendly.
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I am not sure what inexpensive means to you, but I am rather fond of The Vicarage Hotel. The location has always worked well for me.
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My apologies, I see this is out of your range now.
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Alright, you might be in luck. I had to cancel a booking with EasyHotel back in December which left me with a GBP42.00 credit on my account. Since I can't find a number, if you wanna email them and ask if it's transferable, it's yours free. I think they have a few different hotels in London.
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Nthing the Generator; I needed a bed for one night only, and it was cheap, clean and convenient. If I recall correctly, there was a bar or communal area downstairs, so if you wanted more than just a bed out of your experience, there's also that option.
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St. Christophers starts at £20 and I remember them being pretty good value when I last stayed there.
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How about

couchsurfing is awesome and I recommend it a lot here, but it is emphatically NOT for people who just want a bed and a shower, and the top priority is NOT (supposed to be) that it is free. It is (supposed to be) about the connections you can make with new people and places.
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Palmer's Lodge may not be as central as you'd want (Swiss Cottage), but it was neat, clean and quiet -- all unusual for most London hostels -- and in the price range you want.
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Piccadilly Backpackers: "Our “Pod” rooms are inspired by the budget micro hotels you may have seen or heard about in Japan. They may be small but like Dr Who’s Tardis they’re also very spacious once you’re inside. What’s more, they offer greater privacy than other dormitory types and all these rooms (30–40% of our accommodation) have been stylishly decorated by artists as part of our ongoing Hostel Art project. Please see our gallery section for pictures."
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yha youth hostels are cheap, well located and you don't have to be a member.
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