Seeking help with recalcitrant printer
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I am trying to get my printer working, with minimal luck. What am I missing? MacBook Pro --> USB cable --> Brother MFC-240C = promising noises, but...

I have not used this printer for a year +. I re-installed the drivers yesterday. At some point in that process it managed to print one of the pages I was asking it to print, but I don't know exactly what went on before that. Afterwards, there was a paper jam that has since been cleared.

When the printer is plugged in it starts to whir, and runs all loaded paper through and spits it out.

When I ask it to print, a 'Brother MFC-240C' box appears on my screen and tells me it is "Sending data" and "Connecting." The first time I ask it to print after rebooting and plugging the printer back in, the printer makes the beeps and whirs one would expect from a printer about to print.

And then it hangs:

"GenericClass: waiting for device

What else should I be trying?

Apart from trying to find a customer service number -- I am alone with a toddler and my odds of being able to wait on hold and then have a coherent, extended telephone conversation are pretty much 0. And I am in bad need of a printer, now. Please hope me, hive...
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Are all the ink cartridges filled? Even if you are only printing a black and white job, my mom's Brother printer requires that all the ink cartridges be full.
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What OS are you running on your MBP? 10.6? If so, you shouldn't have had to install ANY drivers. Your printer is supported natively in 10.6 (and probably 10.5, as well)
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10.5.7. Hmm. Peeked at ink cartridges; half full. Peeking sent it through a cleaning cycle.
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Installing the Mac® OS X 10.5 Printer driver is what I went by
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If you have another computer to test with, we could start ruling out driver issues. This sounds like it could be a problem with the printer itself.
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Hmmm...Have you tried removing the printer from the printer setup list, unplug the printer from the MBP, rebooting, reconnecting the printer, then adding the printer back in the setup?

Also, what apps are you trying to print from? This is an odd question but, as a personal anecdote, our little HP inkjet goes into spasms when we try to print from Firefox. I have no idea why.
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Printer now leaking ink. OP now looking for new printer. Thanks, Brother, for the five-odd months of use from this... Bloody disposable electronics, sigh.
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