Searching for a specific designer's list of design fundamentals
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Looking for a specific list of design fundamentals / best-practices.

I can't remember if it was posted on the Blue or not, but in any case I foolishly thought "oh, I'll find this again" and didn't favorite it, bookmark it, or record any useful information about this list of design fundamentals. I have done the Google, I have scoured MeFi, and I just can't find it. The things I remember about it --
  • It was on a somewhat-well-known designer's personal blog / site
  • It emphasized patterns and concepts over technologies
  • It was kind of snarky in the "how do kids graduate with degrees in design without knowing this stuff" way and
  • It made the point that color should only be used to indicate a difference of some sort.
I was planning on using this list in a presentation on Wednesday, but, well, that'll be hard to do if I can't find it. Thanks in advance!
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Was it this? Posted a while back by circular, to this thread?
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Oh, I'm not a very well-known designer, I'm afraid... :-/

But the first thing that came to mind was this post...maybe that's it?

Strongly recommend laying your hands on some of Mike Lin's work, like this poster or one of his books, if you will be doing this sort of thing in the future. His work really illustrates well the use of solid, fundamental principles.
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Thanks for the suggestions. While interesting, they're not yet the one I'm looking for.
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Ciao ciao,

I remembered seeing this.

I think the link is here - scroll on through the pages from there.

From this post by jessamyn.
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But not entirely sure on checking it all out, some of the content seems familiar though.
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This is obviously a year too late, but it might have been Andy Rutledge? I only post this because I just spent the last month trying to remember what this site was for my own purposes.
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