Help me determine the name of an older children's book.
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Help me determine the name of an older children's book. I have a year and a half old child and for months now I've been wracking my brain trying to remember the name of a book that sticks out in my memory from childhood. I vaguely remember it from 1st or 2nd grade so that would have been in the early 70s.

What I remember is a young boy that lived in an automatic house. He went to bed and when it was time to get up, the alarm clock rang, the bed tipped up and he dropped down a hole into the shower, where he was washed, dried and put into his clothes. He was then moved into the kitchen where he was fed breakfast.

One night, there was a big storm and the power went out. Because there was no power he slept for 2 or 3 days. When the power came back on he took a shower that was 3 times as powerful, was dressed in 3 layers of clothing and fed 3x the normal breakfast.

Does this ring a bell to anyone?
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Sounds like Lazy Tommy Pumpkinhead to me.

To any publishing types out there; this book is crying out to be reprinted. Pretty please with sugar on top!
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"Lazy Tommy Pumpkinhead" it is!

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