Please recommend a good painter and decorator in South West London!
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Does anyone have any recommendations for a good painter and decorator who will work on my house located in South West London?

My requirements are reasonably modest and the work is only required in the hallway and lounge:

1. Filling and painting walls.
2. Stripping and gloss painting radiators.
3. Filling and gloss painting skirting boards.
4. Gloss painting doors and fitting door handles.

I'm open to decorators who work on their own, but I have only a week for this work to be done in and they might not be able to do it quickly enough.

Please recommend anyone you know who has previously done work for you!
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Are you still looking for somebody? If so, I have a tentative recommendation: APM. I have rented a flat in London for seven years and our landlord has sent a variety of contractors to do various bits of work here. I've been most impressed with APM-- they seem to think things through a little more than other contractors.

For example, the shower in our flat was leaking. Other contractors looked for cracks in the tiles and didn't find anything. The guy from APM had the clever idea of standing in the tub before looking for cracks; it turned out that it was the weight of somebody standing in the tub that pulled it away from the wall and created the crack. Nobody else had thought to check that.

My recommendation is "tentative" only because our landlord has used APM for a variety of tasks but never for the ones you describe. However, we are moving to our own flat soon, and we are hiring APM to do the painting and decorating work, so I can report back to you in a few weeks and let you know how it goes.

(Although that may be too late for you-- if this isn't too late already.)
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Just as a followup: APM is now finished, and I thought they did a good job. I'd definitely recommend them.
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