Canadian navy records from 1943
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Genealogy and local history filter: Canadian army circa 1943: Where can I find information about my Dad? The family story goes that in 1942/43 my Dad learned that he was about to be drafted (into the army). So he joined the navy. Then I was born (October 1944). Then he was sent to Montreal and my mother and I followed him. Then we returned to Toronto. Is there anywhere in Canadian army records that I can confirm this information?

Did men really get an advance warning about being drafted? My Dad was 36 years old in 1943. Did 36-year-old men really get drafted in 1943? He was a skilled cabinetmaker making wings for Mosquito bombers. Would he really have been taken off this kind of a job (sounds pretty important to me) in 1943 to be sent to Montreal to make furniture for naval officers?

Any help would be appreciated.
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You can start here, Library and Archives Canada, which provides information on how to retrieve service records.
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Conscription for WWII wasn't enacted in Canada until late 1944, though there was a plebiscite on it in 1942, which passed. It could be the plebiscite results were what triggered his (apparently misguided) reaction.
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Another good starting point for Canadian research is the federated search engine That's My Family / Voici Ma Famille that the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) operates as a separate website.
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My husband's family are not Canadian, but his U.S. born great-grandfather was drafted at age 38 in 1943.
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