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What are some good books or other resources on rock climbing technique?

My husband and I have recently started rock climbing occasionally at an indoor gym. We are both weak in the upper body, which I know will improve as we continue to climb and can work on at home with additional workouts as described here and here.

From what I read and hear from other people, though, climbing isn't only about strength, but also a lot about technique. I know we can learn a lot from the folks at the gym we go to and through practice, but we'd also like to find some other sources on climbing technique that we can review prior to going to the gym and try out once we are there.

What resources are out there that will help us with our technique as we gain strength?
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Eric Horst is your go-to guy for this. Start with Learning to Climb Indoors; when you're stronger move on to Training for Climbing.
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disclaimer: I haven't read either of these but have seen them recommended:

Performance Rock Climbing

The Self-Coached Climber

Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills is a great resource for climbing in general but I'm not sure it's exactly what you're looking for. (It's a huge book, 575 pages!)
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Are there any meetup groups in your area with other climbers? Having a real live person there who can move in 3 dimensional space to show you some technique might also be helpful. Also there are tons of videos of really cool people doing neat stuff on the youTube. Here's a quick search: rock climbing techniques. Sorry for the vague I just have friends who spend their lunch breaks looking up similar videos, so I have no specific recommendations but know that some people find it helpful.
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John Long has a whole series of books that I found very helpful when I was first climbing. Have fun.
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Watch climbing movies like Masters of Stone. Also, get friends to film both of you climbing. You'll really see what "technique" means. Climbing is awesome!
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Thanks everyone for the recommendations! Some of the books are on order. I wouldn't have thought to look on YouTube. Good idea edbles!
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