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Where do I find a list of translations of "Help" into all major languages? I want to write a "Help" function for a computer tool (have it already). Now I want to allow people to enter "Help" in their local language and find that help page.

- I was trying to use translation tools, however I don't know which of the variants of "help" is typically used on computer programs to offer help, so if I just collect words I might offer the wrong ones. And: that would be a lot of effort ;-) - I assume that someone already did it.
- And: I don't even need to know which language it is, only the text (ideally unicode): what is typically shown on computer screens in "all" (well - many) languages to offer help.
- what I want to offer is that people enter their local term in their language and then all get redirected to the "Help" page in english. I don't want to offer help in all these languages, would be too much.
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If you can't find the list you're looking for, you could generate your own by going to the Wikipedia Help page and using the links on the left side to see the same page in the other languages. For instance, I learned that in Cymraeg (Welsh) they use cymorth and in Magyar (Hungarian) they use tudakozo.
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Sounds like the Microsoft Glossaries could be of help (no pun intended): Microsoft Language Portal. The search directly on that page doesn't work on my Ubuntu box (Firefox), but if you click the "Search Glossaries" link in the upper left, that search does work nicely.
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Response by poster: thanks both - finding my way through both sources
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Response by poster: I've merged some sources, thanks for your Help, Adjuta, Aduya, Agid, Aide, Ajuda, Ajutor, Āwhina, Axuda, Ayuda, Bantu, Bantuan, Cabhair, Cymorth, ènyemaka, Għajnuna, Guida, Hëllef, Helpo, Hilfe, hjælp, Hjálp, Hjälp, Hjelp, Hulp, ifashayoboro, Ikajuqtau, ìrànwọ́, kömək, laguntza, nápověda, Ndihma, Ndihmë, ndimbal, Ohje, Palīdzība, Pomoc, Pomocník, QaH, Siza, Spikker, Súgó, Taimako, Thuso, Thušo, Trợ giúp, tua, Tulong, uNcedo, Yanapa, Yanapay, Yardım, Yordam, Žinynas, βοήθεια, Анықтама, Довідка, елешмә, жардам, Көмек, Помоћ, Помош, Помощ, СПРАВКА, Справка, ярдәм, օգնություն, עזרה, تعليمات, راهنما, مدد, مرسته, आदार, मदत, मदद, সহায়, সহায়তা, ਮਦਦ, મદદ, ସହାୟତା, உதவி, సహాయం, ಸಹಾಯ, സഹായം, วิธีใช้, ຂໍ້ມູນຊ່ວຍ, დახმარება, ヘルプ, 도움말, 帮助, 說明
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СПРАВКА, Справка
Those are the same, just so you know (the first is in uppercase Cyrillic, the second is capitalized and lowercase).
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You seem to be missing Aiuto (Italian)...
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...and you've got QaH on your list, which is "help" in Klingon. That's probably not a language you need to support. :)
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Armenian = օգնություն
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Oops - you had it already!
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Response by poster: thanks for the updates, And, yes, Klingon is in just for the fun of it.
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