We need help planning our vacation!
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Help us plan our vacation!

So my SO and I want to plan a vacation for sometime in late May or early June (this year), and we can't figure out where to go. I'm seeking the hive's help for locale suggestions based on your travel experiences...all suggestions welcome.

Here's the relevant info:

We're both 30, pretty adventurous. He's very into anything athletic (hiking, kayaking, etc.), and I don't really love museums (neither does he), so it has to be a location that has plenty to keep us occupied for 5-7 days without visiting museums the entire time. (And it can't be shopping focused either).

We're coming from Minneapolis, MN.

We'd like to keep the trip to below $1000 a person, so Europe is probably out (and we're planning a trip there later in the year anyway).

Locales that are off the list because we know people in those cities, and we want a vacation ALL to ourselves (without having to visit people we know): NYC, Washington DC, Seattle, Portland (OR), San Francisco, San Diego. Note that we'd both be happy to visit any of these places, the thing keeping us away is the fact that we have friends/family there.

We're considering Vancouver, Savannah/Atlanta, and Montreal, just because they seem to have everything we're looking for. Any other suggestions, with specific hotel and activity recommendations would be much appreciated!
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Take a cruise to Bermuda! (That's what I'm doing in June!)
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Oh, but I also love Savannah. Not sure how much athletic stuff there is to do there.
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If you're not into either shopping or museums, but are pretty adventurous, then a city setting seems to be overkill. Why not consider places that are more outdoorsy-oriented, like the Blue Ridge Mountains, the desert Southwest, Puerto Rico, or the Rockies? They're a bit more difficult to get to, but very much worth it.
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The COlorado Plateau, specifically, southern Utah, is always great, esp if you've never been. Spend two days driving down there, two back (or if you're nuts like me, one each way) and hit every goddamn national park in the area. You won't be disappointed. If you need more nuts-and-bolts advice, memail me.
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My first thought was to go do outdoors stuff in New Mexico - Santa Fe/Taos/ABQ. Plenty of hiking & hot springs. Historical sites (Chaco canyon, Bandolier NM) and museums (from art to atomic bombs) if you're into that sort of thing.
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This might be a shameless plug for my state, but there are some great (and cheap!) places to visit in New Mexico. It sounds like it might be a great vacation spot for you. If you love out doorsy things, then you can head south to White Sands and Carlsbad Caverns, which are both beautiful. There's also a lot of stuff in the northern part of the state, like Las Vegas, or Taos/Santa Fe if you're artsy.

You could probably find nice accomodations in Santa Fe or Las Vegas and take day trips by car to various areas in the northern part of the state. Around Mora, there is a pick your own raspberries farm, and a totally sweet alpaca ranch. There's also an old mill that they fire up over Memorial Day weekend. There are a lot of cool places that are a pretty easy day trip away. Oh, and you might not think it's all that cool, but if you saw No Country for Old Men, they did a lot of the filming in Las Vegas, so you'll recognize some of the scenery.

You could even stay in Albuquerque on the cheap. There are plenty of neat things to do in the city, but also easy day trips to the Jemez Mountains, which are gorgeous that time of year, and have really great hiking and neat hot springs. There's also a tram up to Sandia Peak, which has lots of great places to hike. New Mexico in general is a great state for people who like hiking.

I think maybe I should get a job for the New Mexico tourism division.
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My wife and I just returned from a trip to Belize. We spent more than your budget, but that's because we weren't particularly frugal. I think Belize could be a great fun, cheap vacation if done right. And adventurous too! Look into it.
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notsnot beat me to it, so I'll second. Utah: Bryce, Zion, and/or the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.
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Based on these posts Mr. SG and I took the plunge and booked tickets to Cancun with the intention of driving, hiking, snorkeling, eating, diving, climbing our way through the Yucatan. Our budget is $2000 for two people as well. Late May is their slow season and we found hotels for less than $75 a night.
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