Wirelessly Sync 1000 Photos from my iPhone
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How do I wirelessly sync hundreds of photos from my iPhone? Without hundreds of clicks.

I have an old iPhone. Connection via the cable no longer works, and I'm running Linux anyway. So what's the best way to wirelessly sync up the more than 1000 photos I have on the device?

I've looked at a few apps, including PhotoSync, Wifi Photo, and Dropbox. None of them let me just upload the whole camera roll.

It would be best if I didn't have to jailbreak the phone, or use a for-pay 3rd party service, but I'm willing to consider those options too.
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I don't have an answer that doesn't involve a photo publishing service like Flickr, etc. but if your connection cable doesn't work, you're probably not going to be able to jailbreak the phone.
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Try Air Sharing, YMMV
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email them to yourself.
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but emailing them would take thousands of 'clicks'?
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Response by poster: Air Sharing is a cool app, but it doesn't seem to have access to my iPhoto camera roll; all it sees are its own directories.

I also looked at some of the FTP apps, but again I can't find one that'll slurp everything up in one batch.
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you can batch select photos to email from the camera roll. on the bottom left, you have a rectangle icon with an arrow in it. select that and then click on a bunch of photos. I think you can email 5 at a time, but you can copy a bunch more than that.

copy as many as it will allow and then paste in an email.

unfortunately, I think this is your only option without jailbreaking. And since your wire doesn't work anyway, I think you wouldn't be able jailbreak.
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