What to do?
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Interesting things to do? Time available - six months (Sept. Feb. inclusive). Location - anywhere.

I have six months where I am free to do whatever I want, and have some money to put towards it. I am however pretty overwhelmed by choice, and am having trouble narrowing it down from "Go travelling!" to something more concrete.

I don't have a burning desire to do much of anything, apart from wanting to see new things and do new things.

Any activity doesn't have to take all six months. It also shouldn't cost any more than $3000 (including all and any airfare).

I am not averse to working during the trip (indeed, tending slum children in India or doing a cool internship in NYC may be ideal).

If any MeFites could suggest things that are interesting, and that it would be practicable for me to do given my budget and timeframe, that would be amazing.
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Where are you now? What languages do you speak?
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Response by poster: Based in Europe. Fluent English, everyday French, basic German.
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Go and be a ski bum!
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Bicycle touring in someplace warm and/or southern hemisphere.
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Go some place warm! Start in the Philippines (easy to navigate because most people speak English), then head to Thailand, Indonesia, maybe a quick trip to Hong Kong (fairly expensive compared to other countries in SE Asia). India...basically any place where the cost of living is super low, the weather is nice, and the culture is so different from your own that you will have some amazing experiences.
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If it were me, I would choose an African country of greatest interest, and I'd go there for most of the time, and work with kids. Then I'd use the rest of the time to travel.

So, for me, this would be going to Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, or Mozambique first, and then traveling. Or, if I were inclined towards western Africa, I'd maybe to go Ghana.
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Go to Mexico, do some work camps. Examples are working in Turtle Camps, archeological sites or in High Schools. A lot of projects are free to participate in or very cheap and, as they mostly last about 3 weeks to a month, youll get around a lot.
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