great therapist in melbourne?
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Does anyone know a good psychotherapist / psychologist in Melbourne? some details inside for what I need.

I'm generally a well-adjusted and pretty happy person. I have a satisfying life and good relationships. I really like my life. No big mental health issues.

There is just this one thing that continues to upset me, which is my relationship with my parents. Our relationship is very good, but I have all these feelings about them that plague me, that I don't really understand, and for various reasons can't talk to them about. And I don't know if it even has anything to do with them, just these ideas and feelings I have about them that have manifested.

Anyway, I would love to find a very smart, insightful, therapist who can help me figure this out. I don't need long term counseling or anything like that. Just for someone to delve into this issue and figure out what's at the bottom of it.

Any recommendations greatly appreciated.
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Anonymous, MeMail me.
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