Lifting/martial arts in Chicago?
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I'm interested in getting involved with either Olympic-style lifting or martial arts in Chicago. Do any good places for either exist in the city?

I realize that Oly lifting and martial arts are pretty different, but I'm looking moreso for the team/community atmosphere. Sort of like how adult swim teams are structured. I'm a little fearful also that martial arts might attract a lot of weirdos and that it might be difficult to find someplace where people are serious about it.

I don't really care if there are competitions or not (although for martial arts I would prefer there be full contact sparring). For martial arts I am most interested in judo and Brazilian jiu jitisu. Any places come to mind?
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Check out Crossfit Chicago.
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Crossfit is structured like what I want, but it's not what I want.
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Looks like this was asked before, but got little response. Some more recommendations here. Both of these came up in a google search for "olympic lifting Chicago."
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This would be another good place to ask as well.
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USA Weightlifting has a list of clubs by state; for Chicago, there's the CrossFit affiliate and also a "Sayre Park Weightlifting Club" with a Larry Watkins as a contact person and a telephone number of (630) 587-9363. There are some other clubs listed under Illinois which might be in the Chicagoland area but I'm not familiar with that area so I don't want to lead you astray.

Also, you might want to talk to Mike Burgener out in California. He seems to be very prominent in the sport and might know some other resources you could draw on.

Hope this helps. I wish you luck in your search. It's going to be a little difficult because the reality of the situation is that Oly-style weightlifting isn't a huge sport in the USA. In fact, it was pretty much dead in the water until CrossFit started promoting it in the last ten years. And it still has a long ways to go. I mean, five thousand registered competitors in a country of 300 million? Those numbers speak volumes.

Anyway, have fun!
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Its very hard to find olympic style lifting gyms outside of colleges or crossfit. Talk to the crossfit guys and see if they would tailor a program to suit what you want. They have all the equipment already, and should have a great community atmosphere.
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