Adult webcam chat for actual adults?
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After a few chatroulette connections that turned surprisingly erotic, my wife and I (on the cusp of our 40s) are interested in further exploring sexy webcam chats. We're looking for sites populated by people (ideally other couples, but singles are OK too) who are not teenagers, and who are inclined to be discreet (I realize there's no guarantee on that one, but sites with a culture of discretion would be nice). Pay sites are OK. Any suggestions? If you'd rather not post info here, feel free to send suggestions to Thanks!
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Watchers Web (they have a free and a pay [with video iirc] site)
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I haven't done the webcam thing, but I imagine if you made friends with folks on adult websites, like FetLife if you're at all into fetishes (and voyeurism/exhibitionism would qualify as such), you'd find people willing to engage in it. You'd lose the spontaneity and instant gratification, however.

I find the culture over there to be discreet and intelligent and teenager-free.
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