Laundry in Hell's Kitchen
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I need a recommendation for laundry/dry cleaning in Hell's Kitchen NYC area.

Soon, I will be spending about 5-6 days staying @ Westin Times Square @ 43rd and 8th. The end of the trip includes a wedding and I'm sure all of my family's fancy clothes will have become miserably wrinkled on the plane trip out. In addition, in an effort to pack light, we're going to pack about 1/2 or so of what we need and do a laundry when we're there. Obviously, hotel costs for these things are ridiculous. As a former NYC resident I know there are many laundry (by the pound) and dry cleaning places where we can get what we want done for far cheaper. All I need is a recommendation. Thanks.
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If you're not looking for some specific service or fancy tailoring, I'd just take a walk around the neighborhood when you arrive and pick the cheapest place you can find. Walk west of 9th Ave and you'll find a lot, and they're basically interchangeable. If your hotel is OK with it, pickup and delivery is usually available.
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Best answer: Empire Cleaners on the east side of 9th Avenue between 46th and 47th Streets. The tri-lingual Korean family that runs the place is really friendly and super-competent.
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Response by poster: thanks for the rec. that should work great. i miss living in NYC and having one of these places do my laundry for me. It was such a luxury and cheaper than the number of quarters it would have taken to do it on my own in my old building.
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