LCD monitor showing blank white screen
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While I was using it, the image on my LCD monitor suddenly dissolved into white, as if the pixels disappeared and the backlight was completely exposed. Has anyone encountered this problem before and is it fixable?

I've tried plugging it into another computer, and still nothing. Both computers detect it without a problem. Monitor also detects that it is plugged in and turns on, but will enter sleep mode as normal if unplugged.

Also, the on screen display does not work, so I am assuming it is a problem with the monitor and not a connection issue. I also left it off overnight and it displayed the same problem in the morning.
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Pure white is what would happen if the driver chip died. (Note that this is not the same as the graphic chip in your computer.) It's not something you can easily fix; it needs to go to the computer doctor.
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I have encountered a problem with similar symptoms on one of my laptops. In my case, the connection of the display through the hinge had an intermittent problem; when the screen went white I could fix it by fiddling with the hinge (then changing resolution so the display got reinitialized).

Of course, as there was a hinge it's not surprising there was mechanical wear there; a normal LCD monitor wouldn't have such a hinge, so my experiences might not be directly applicable to your situation.
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Monitors are so cheap now you should just buy anotherone. You can get a 20 inch asus widescreen monitor for $114
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I've had flatscreens do that when they (not the computer) crash, but they always recovered after a power cycle. Yours sounds further gone.
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