German to English II
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Please translate this English to German:

"Make it known throughout the land from sea to sea:"

I omitted this from my former question last year. Thank you in advance.
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"Macht bekannt im ganzen Land, von Meer zu Meer:"

Which is pretty literal "Make (plural, 'you guys') known inthe whole country from sea to sea:". As it is phrased it requires another sentence after the colon, which actually states what they should make known. Style is more poetic than everyday spoken language.
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And to be really pingelig, the first word following the colon will require an upper-case initial letter...
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Wouldn't it be "Macht es bekannt im ganzen Land, von Meer *zum* Meer"? I feel like you'd need the article ending, but I could be wrong.
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Spanks a million. This is the prefix to everything in the former post, which is linked in my question, and it will begin with a capital letter.
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@Dukat: No. It could be "vom Meer zum Meer" but then both of the seas would need to be defined and the reader would need to be aware of which seas those are. "Von Meer zu Meer" means just in between any indefinite seas that enclose the country.

Reason: "zum" is abbreviated "zu dem". "Dem" in turn is a definite article.
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