More Deer Than I Can Eat
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I've been given a large (2lbs?) frozen (from friend's deep-freeze to my freezer) venison salami. How do I make the best use of it? I've already considered sandwiches of many varieties, but what else?
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Salami of any variety is tasty chopped up and put into pasta sauce, or baked on top of a pizza (with fresh oregano and maybe some deer-appropriate mushrooms?), or sliced, put on bread with some cheese and some chopped onion and broiled in the oven. Treat it both like a main ingredient and a flavoring agent, because it's so full of tastiness, so use it to flavor boring vegetables or minced up in a sauce or even on a salad in place of crumbled bacon.
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Dice it into potato salad or macaroni salad.
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Make salami rolls! Either make or buy bread dough and cut the salami into strips. Wrap several of the strips in a ball of dough. Raise and bake. If you have any questions look for recipes for West Virginia Pepperoni Rolls. Regular salami would be too greasy but venison should be fine.
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You lucky duck!

Dice up a portion and make into a hash with diced potatoes and finely chopped onions. Add some cayenne and maybe a diced pepper for color.

You could also make a fried rice, too.
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Make a casserole with salami, ricotta, mozzarella, etc. Only recommended if you are really confident in your heart health.

It would probably be good in a soup.

If it's too much to finish, a food bank might appreciate some.
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Mmmm! Very yummy ideas! Now all I gotta do is pick a couple and thaw!
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