Collabtive Installation Error
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Why is my installation of Collabtive 0.6.2 not connecting to the MySQL databases on my web server? I've uploaded the software and set up a MySQL database, but when I run the install module I keep getting an "Error: Tables could not be created" message.

I'm trying to install Collabtive ( on my Dreamhost account and keep running into a wall. Shot in the dark, but has anybody been able to install it and what were the conditions? I have the One-Click Installation option and can set up MySQL databases on my account. I've had no problem with installing several other open source CMS programs on this account and connecting them with the MySQL databases.

Shot in the dark, but has anybody installed/run this software and what were the conditions? I've found only one query about this error message on their forums and unfortunately it's in German. The instructions seem pretty straight forward - all that's required is setting the permissions on two directories and a file, which I've done.
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Have you set up a user in MySQL? Does that user have permission to create the tables?
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This is an indirect answer, so feel free to disregard it:

Collabtive looks very pretty and very cleverly laid out. I note, though, that its version number is 0.62, and the forum suggests a wide very variety of bugs still in place. You might want to look into

It's also free and open-source; it's not nearly as pretty, but it does seem to be fairly stable.
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"Error: Tables could not be created" suggests that Collabtive is able to connect to MySQL and and authenticate, but the MySQL user you're is not authorized to create tables in the database you're connecting to.

Are you sure you're connecting to the correct database (the one you gave a name to when you used Dreamhost's web form for creating databases)?
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