Is it possible to copy your safari browser session from your iPhone to a Mac?
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Is it possible to copy your safari browser session from your iPhone to a Mac?

During my morning commute I'll often open a half-dozen or so Safari windows on my iPhone as I check news stories and my rss feeds. Is there a way to automatically open these same windows on my Mac when I sync?
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You can't copy your browser session but you can sync your bookmarks. Can you bookmark the current page in each window before syncing the iPhone?
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I use a specific bookmark folder to move pages back and forth between desktop and mobile safari.

I just heard of PhoneView which will show you what pages are currently open in mobile safari. I suspect an Automator script could be written to make the process automated everytime you plugin your phone.
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Response by poster: Best solution: Instapaper bookmarklet saved as a regular bookmark and synced to Safari mobile. When I see something I want to look at on my Mac, I just add it to Instapaper.

When I get to the office, I can quickly scan my newest unread items in Instapaper and open them in new browser tabs.
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This might be too much - I use netnewswire to read my rss feeds - on both my mac and my iphone (and it syncs via google reader.)

I'll read stuff on the phone, 'flag' it - and it shows up on netnewswire automagically. Bonus the mac app can post to instapaper and delicious.
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