Party on, please?
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How can my family celebrate my dad's 77th birthday? Twist: no food.

My sister, brother-in-law and I would like to spend a few hours doing something fun with Dad on his birthday. He is turning 77.
Complicating factors: He is on a liquid diet. (for weight loss, medically supervised) He also has pretty bad arthritis in his knees and can't walk long distances. Short jaunts are fine, but big museums and theme parks are out.

I'd like to do something that is not centered on food. We will be in San Diego, and will likely have a third grader along.

Any idea, me-fites?

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Not San Diego-specific, but how about a planetarium visit? Lots of reclining and no food allowed inside.
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I think you should do something that will get the whole family together and allow you to talk and laugh and spend time with one another. Something like board game night.

Alternatively, can your dad swim? Pool parties are awesome!
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I don't know about the logistics of this re: scheduling, but what about a trip in the train along the ocean. You could talk and hang out, but also see the scenery.
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The board game night sounds fun.

What about a movie night (either at home or going out to the movies) or a bowling night, if your dad can do that.
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Whale Watching! Was great. My sister thought of it.
The planetarium would have won out, but they did not have a show on the weekend.
Thanks for the ideas.
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