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I love to read bisexual erotic fiction and peruse Nifty, ASSTR and Literotica with regularity. I am looking for more boards or online communities that are updated regularly and/or have archives of bisexual (MMF/FFM) erotic fiction.

I have basically read everything on Nifty and Literotica in the last five months since I took a new job that requires me to commute on the bus for two hours every day. I recently shared my interest with my girlfriend and now she reads stories and we want to act some of them out.

I would especially to like to find real or imagined diaries/dialogs with couples where one or both partners is bisexual and their discoveries, compromises, and travails. No sissy/cuckold/heavy D/S stuff, please, they are boring as hell to me.
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when nifty and asstr aren't scratching the itch - livejournal can pick up the slack.
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Not a board, but there's a series of Best Bisexual Erotica books.
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Check out Archive of our Own.
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Have you tried fanfic at all?
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