A good placement agency for CIO/CTO/Director level positions?
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Can you recommend a placement agency for a CIO/CTO/Director level position in IT?

I am located in Toronto, Canada, and am looking for a new position here. I would like to find agencies that specialize in executive level positions. Most of the tech job boards I have surveyed have little to no ads for these kind of positions, so perhaps I am looking in the wrong place. A job like this is all about a good fit, so I am looking for the kind of agency that expects I would meet with the client multiple times before making a decision, and that there would be no pressure to take the first thing that comes along.

Are there any agencies you can recommend along these lines?

If necessary, I can be contacted privately at helpmefindacxojob@gmail.com.
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David Aplin found my current job in Winnipeg in low-level IT management. I understand they do more senior jobs as well. Drop me an e-mail/memail if you want and I'll introduce you to the Winnipeg IT placement guy, who could probably find you the right person for Toronto. I found him to be super-professional and low pressure, and the positions he had were always extremely good.

Also, I found Aplin through another recruiting company who was happy to refer me. You could probably just walk into a random recruiter's office and get the names of some good folks in Toronto.
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Have you tried the ladders. I haven't used it personally, but i've heard success stories.

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