Thunderbird emails being replied to wrong address
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Email replies going to a different address than the one sent from in Thunderbird.

In Thunderbird, I have three personal Gmail accounts (that all work fine), and I recently introduced three new accounts hosted by my website (ex: The problem I'm having is almost every time I send an email out of an account hosted by my website, the reply comes back to the personal Gmail account that I think is listed as the primary account in Gmail.

Since this started to happen, I made sure to double check what address the email is being sent from, and I always make sure it's from the one I intend to send it from.

I noticed that in the Server Settings menu for these "website hosted" accounts, it's Outgoing Server is set for Gmail - Is this the problem? If so, I don't know how to change it. I tried using, for example, My Business -, which is what the provider said to use, but this doesn't work. My emails won't send at all trying to use that.

How do I get replies to just come back to the address sent from? This is creating quite a confusion for some of my clients.

As well, a lot of emails that I try sending out from the website hosted addresses are coming back as "failure to deliver," but I know the recipients' addresses are fine, and if I email them through Squirrel mail on Bluehost, they go through fine.

Does anyone have any thoughts? If so, you're help is much appreciated. And thank you in advance for your attention.
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I did a bit of poking around and it looks like your suspicion is correct:

"The Gmail SMTP server will ignore whatever From: address you supply unless you add it in the Gmail web page at Setting -> Accounts -> "Add another email address".

This could get clunky if you're sending mail from a bunch of different addresses. It looks like Gmail only lets you set one From address at a time.
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Gmail determines the From: address by what address you use to log into their SMTP server. So set up another SMTP server that logs in as the alternate address.
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