Where in Chicago should my mother and I go shoe shopping?
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Where in Chicago should my mother and I go shoe shopping?

My mom is coming to visit me in Chicago in a few weeks, and we want to go shoe shopping. She likes comfort shoes (clarks, dansko, etc.), and I like comfortable shoes with a bit more (or just younger, i guess) style (frye, camper, etc.). When she's not around, I sometimes go to Akira, but I think it might be too high-heel-centric for her. I've only been to the downtown store, though.

I know Nordstrom will be able to accommodate both our needs, but I'd rather find someplace a bit smaller, with a more curated, boutique-y feel. Is there a Chicago equivalent to pdx's Imelda's?

Just in case it matters, I live on the south side, and she'll be staying downtown. We'll probably be getting around on the CTA.
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It's pretty Hyde Park in atmosphere (which is to say not so much boutique-y, although it's a perfectly nice store), but Wesley's Shoe Corral in Hyde Park has that kind of shoe.
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One and only one store popped into my brain: Lori's Shoes. My mom and I love this place and I guarantee it will have shoes to appeal to both of you (and some pretty decent deals too!). They are located at 824 W. Armitage Ave.

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Maybe try City Soles/Niche in Wicker Park? I'm not sure how much they have geared towards moms, but a lot of their shoes tend to skew trendy/comfy (I've bought a pair of Camper sandals there).
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It seems to me that Hanig's might fit the bill for both you and your mom. They are certainly larger than a boutique (or at least the one I've visited in Lincoln Park) but carry many of the brands you've mentioned and they have a certain funk all their own.
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Have you ever been to DSW? It's a huge store with alot of selection and good deals. There's one off the Belmont red line and apparently one on South Canal st. It's a do-it-yourself kind of place so you can have alot of fun trying on different stuff. Great for two people with different tastes.
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I totally failed on reading comprehension on the last part of your post. DSW might still be fun, though.
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I'd agree with Hanig's for sure. There are 3, but I think the biggest store is the one on Diversey and Clark (a bit of a stroll from the Brown line stop, but both Clark and Broadway buses run by there.) Otherwise, maybe the Fluevog store on North in Wicker Park? There used to be a shop in Lincoln Square called Traipse that would fit the bill, but they may have closed. That's a cute neighborhood if you're in the mood to explore.
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Located in Uptown Alamo shoes is really good. Close to the Redline Berwyn stop
Alamo Shoes 5321 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL‎ - (773) 784-8936 http://www.alamoshoes.com/
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i like the bakers in the loop on state street. there is also an Akira shoes across the street. there's also an aldo a few stores down from the bakers.
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Hanig's was perfect, and I plant to check out some of the others during my last few months in Chicago. Thanks, all!
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