Fashion-forward accessories and cosmetics available online?
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Coolhunting sites for the fashion-forward... for a new job, my girlfriend is looking for a site like gizmodo but for fashion accessories and cosmetics instead of gadgets. I'd love a few leads. Thoughts?
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The Cosmetics Report email by Cosmetic Connection and Makeup Alley are two good sites for reviews. I am always introduced to new products through them, though.
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she should start one on her own, and become fabulously wealthy.
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Mighty Goods
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She can also try Style Diary, Grechen's Closet, Style Bakery, Lux Fashions and for codes for codes to all the cool boutiques along with some other features, Reesycakes. The usenet group used to be more active but are now kind of slow.
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I'm sure she probably already knows about Daily Candy and (Vogue & W's surprisingly detailed site), but just in case I thought I'd post them.
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Popgadget is mostly gadgety but they have fashion stuff as well.
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one of my favorites is josh rubin's coolhunting.
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Tragically hip.
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Maybe AZ Central?
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Thanks everybody! Your suggestions have been duly dispatched to her new account. FYI, she's not of the blogosphere, but I'm corrupting her day by day. So she probably hasn't been to Daily Candy. These are perfect though. And delmoi, I really like your suggestion. I'll see if she can hook that up.
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shoewawa and design*sponge.
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Are any of those sites suitable for keeping up with men's fashions? (HHOS) I'm not a fashion leader, by any means, but I try to stay up-to-date. (I'm 27, if that makes any difference).
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The JC Report keeps up with new stuff on the catwalk. It's an email newsletter that's also archived on the site.
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